MV Express – Transportation Division bulk and general dedicated to industrial and agri-food sectors

Our ultimate goal : fulfill your expectations and needs by offering the best transportation service possible!

Our experienced team is also distinguished by the excellence of its customer service , both to you that your own customers : punctuality, politeness, courtesy, discipline and spirit of initiative.

Our services … our pride!

A door-to – door guaranteed throughout Canada and the United States . Facilities that meet your needs. A service efficient and courteous customer to quickly respond to your expectations. Effective management of our equipment allows us at any time to know where they are.

Founded in 1997, M. V. Express Inc. is a bulk transport of plastic, molded and growing grains. Located in Lévis, we are proud to offer top quality transportation services throughout Canada and the United States.

MV Express has various facilities that can easily meet your standards.

Semitrailers Tanks for the bulk transport of plastic ( pellets or granules) that can be loaded directly from the silo or tank wagon.

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